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At E.B. Foods, we provide our customers with quality goods from reputable manufacturers -- products such as meats and cheeses, fresh and frozen vegetables, prepared and packaged foods, disposables and cleaning supplies. We test the newest products in our own kitchen to ensure top quality and value. Our products include international branded items along with our own signature LuLu® and Gornelli® brands specializing in pizza products. On our exclusive house menu, you'll find  mozzarella, crushed tomatoes, pizza sauce, special pizza flour, pepperoni, and ham -- premium products offered at extraordinary prices!


Cheeses & Dairy

Mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan -- whatever you're cooking with, we can help with our delicious lines!



Pizza boxes, take out containers, foils, wraps, cutlery -- your food is best protected with our selection of products!

Flouring Hands

Flour & Spices

No kitchen pantry is complete without the finest flour (Canadian wheat) and tasty spices! Complete your recipes with more flavour!


Oils & Dressings

Only the best oils and shortenings for your prepared foods.  Our dressings and dips are a perfect complement to any dish!



Undeniably a staple in any kitchen as a side or a main.  Imported or Domestic, a simple food for the masses!


Pizza Toppings

Make your signature pizzas with our mouth-watering toppings!


Almost always local, our fresh vegetables are served with pride coming from neighbouring farms -- working together to bring your meal to a harmonious finish!

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